Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort

Nofa Riyadh, A Radisson Collection Resort

A dream of a country estate flair awaits you at Nofa Riyadh: 57 charming as well as differently designed thatched-roof villas with heated pools and whirlpools invite you to a particularly cozy and peaceful time in a nature-rich ambience. The enchanting villas with spacious gardens are hidden in the middle of a tree plantation. The huge grounds also trump with a communal pool area, extensive green spaces and a horse racing track in the middle of the desert. Natural, lovingly and elegantly designed, there is plenty of beauty for the eye to discover in this dreamlike complex. Culinary delights that are a feast for the palate as well as the eyes are another characteristic of Nofa Riyadh.


The villas offer maximum privacy for relaxation. Whether sunbathing on the sun loungers, enjoying a snack by the pool or taking a refreshing dip in the water, the focus here is clearly on enjoyment. The Royal Villa adds to the scenery: with a footbridge over the pond decorated with artfully draped rocks as well as flowers, guests are offered an unusual backdrop. The interiors impress with stone walls, mosaic-like decorations and stylishly coordinated furnishings. High-quality and rustic pieces of furniture made of dark wood meet a bold variety of colors with African-inspired decorative elements. Discreetly used, impressive details create an eye-catcher in the simple, yet striking design of the Nofa Riyadh's premises.
a bedroom with a thatched roof and a bed
a room with a bed and a wall with a painting of a cow
A living room with chairs and a couch under a dome, windows in the back and a wall painting on the left

Culinary Art

The restaurants, cafes, and bars inspire sheer amazement by their appearance alone. Similar to the villas, the gastronomic venues are designed with great attention to detail. Large, bright rooms combine with soft tones and striking features. In this beautiful atmosphere, the food at Nofa Riyadh tastes twice as good. This consists of a gastronomic journey through the diverse flavors of Africa. But there are also international dishes, including Italian, to choose from. Barbecue dishes and a children's buffet round out the culinary offerings. You can look forward to tasteful drinks in the African Tea Room: exquisite teas and coffees as well as freshly squeezed smoothies await you here. These are accompanied by the classic Turkish snacks called meze.
The restaurant of a hotel under a wooden dome with chandeliers


In the heart of Saudi Arabia's peninsula, the capital Riyadh is located in the Najd region. Surrounded by the desert, the city has a diverse environment: the Jebel Tuwaiq escarpment can be seen to the northwest, while the Dana Desert can be seen to the east. King Khalid International Airport is located in the north of the city.
A reception under a dome with angel wall paintings


A contrast to the scenic areas is the center with its imposing buildings such as the Al Faysaliyah and Al Mamlaka skyscrapers and the 170-meter-high TV tower. In addition, Riyadh has numerous parks and green areas. Shopping malls invite to shopping tours. In addition, the city's historic quarters and markets provide impressive insights into the country's culture. In addition to visiting the city center and desert regions, Riyadh has the Al Hokair Land theme park and the Riyadh Zoo to offer, especially for families with children.
a pool area with lounge chairs and umbrellas
a swimming pool with a building and plants in the background