Habitas AlUla

"Luxury for the soul" - that is the promise of the Saudi Arabian Habitas AlUla. The focus is on desert-rich nature, which serves as a source of inspiration for creativity and a sense of adventure. A series of sustainably built, bungalow-like cottages stretches between striking rock faces, as does the main building with its large pool area. A small world of its own has been created here, where it is possible to immerse oneself fully in desert life. Far away from everyday life, all that counts in this place is the here and now, merging with this special nature and becoming one with oneself.


Beautiful villas designed in oriental style awaken the desire for the adventure of the desert. With lounge decks and a breathtaking view of the canyon, the surroundings can be enjoyed in an aesthetically and luxuriously kept ambience. Natural materials and hues blend harmoniously with the landscape. The cozy private rooms of the Habitas AlUla are characterized by a coherent, noble as well as affectionate design. A highlight are the outdoor showers amidst sand and rocks, which enhance the rustic feeling of nature.
A king size bed with a seating area in front and a big window to the left with curtains in front
A view from the inside of the room overlooking parts of the desert and rock formations
A outside view of a hotel room in the shape of a tent in front of rock formations


Global and Middle Eastern cuisine forms the basis of all dishes: Habitas AlUla takes you on a culinary journey through time complete with Saudi Arabia's unique flavors. Local and fresh ingredients from farms around the town of Al Ula, as well as seductively arranged meals, will leave you feeling like you're floating on air. The fancy designed dining room completes the culinary experience in style. A cozy lounge area also invites you to enjoy the interior and exterior ambience and delicious drinks.


AlUla is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia, near the Red Sea. Prince Abdulmajeed Airport is about 30 kilometers away from Habitas Al Ula. The area convinces with its imposing landscape and impressive culture, of which you can get an impression on various exploration tours. The desert can be explored up close by hiking or biking. If you like it even more authentic, you can go for a camel ride. In addition, the eight-kilometer Adventure Trail provides insights into the country's culture: Discover two-thousand-year-old pictographs between the contrast of striking volcanic rock and delicate sand. It gets action-packed on a ride through narrow gorges and high sand dunes until you finally reach heavily eroded sand mountains.
The pool leading up the the hotel building and a background of marvellous rock formations


It will also be exciting during a tour of the old town of AlUla with insights into the past of the place. During a visit to the town of Hegra, Saudi Arabia's first UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of a large number of well-preserved tombs awaits you. Or take part in the life of the Bedouins including its folk dances, traditional eating habits as well as falcon shows and carry valuable memories home with you. The artistic side of things can be seen in various art programs with interactive participation. The crowning glory at the end of an exciting day is the clear night sky over Gharameel with stargazing. After this wide range of activities, it almost cries out for balance and relaxation: For this, the wellness area of Habitas Al Ula is ready, which offers spa treatments, outdoor wellness agora, yoga and fitness as well as a lounge to relax.
A big rectangular infinity pool with a view overlooking the desert and rock shapes and lounge chairs on the left