Girl on a sand dune in AlUla

Saudi Arabia's Cities and AlUla's Treasures

Saudi Arabia Roundtrip | Duration: from 11 days

Best time to travel
September to May
Flight time
6 hrs from FRA or ZRH
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a building with a palm tree in front of it
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Day 1

Welcome to Jeddah

Your unforgettable journey begins in Jeddah. Located directly on the Red Sea, the city of millions, which throughout its history has been particularly regarded as an economic, but also cultural center. In addition to the "Gateway to Mecca", there are historical houses with wooden facades from the past, but also modern construction projects, such as the Jeddah Tower, which is intended to be the tallest building in the world. Let yourself be inspired by the various buildings. In the afternoon, immerse yourself in this unique city on a guided city tour.

a white mosque next to the water.
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Day 2


From the vibrant coastal city of Jeddah, you will head out by boat today. Enjoy the beautiful well-preserved reefs which stretch not far away. The fascinating marine life of Saudi Arabia's coast awaits you here for a snorkeling dive. Look out for the fastest fish in the world, the black marlin, or swim along with the turtles.
In the evening, take a stroll along Jeddah's Corniche. Here you will also find the "floating mosque" which is not only Jeddah’s landmark, but also an excellent photo spot which you cannot miss. The beautiful architecture and picturesque surroundings provide the ultimate setting for excellent shots.

Mosque of the prophet Mohamed in Medina
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Day 3


Today you will take the train to Medina. Medina is located about 400 km north of Mecca and is considered to be the second holiest site of Islam. Accordingly, Medina is also a stop on every pilgrimages’ trip.
In the heart of the city, you will find the Holy Mosque Masjid al-Nabawi, also known as the Mosque of the Prophet. The mosque, gleaming in white marble with its green domes, gives you another excellent photo opportunity. Together with a guide, you will explore today this holy and fascinating city.

Historical site Khaybar
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Day 4


Welcome to Khaybar! Khaybar is one of the oldest and most mysterious settlement areas in Saudi Arabia. The formation of this unique landscape can be traced back to the volcanic eruptions which took place in the past. A wide oasis stretches across the barren and rocky landscape. In this picturesque setting you will also find freshwater springs. From a distance, you can also catch a glimpse of the ruins of the mud houses of Khaybar's former old town. If you want a bird's eye view to enjoy this extraordinary landscape and its unique sights, make sure to get on a helicopter tour or board a hot air balloon to see it for yourself.

The Hegra Tomb in Alula can be seen located in the middle of a desert
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Day 5 - 8

AlUla & Wadi al Disah

The next few days you will get to fully experience AlUla and get enjoy the infinite beauty of this diverse region and historical site.
Take a walk around the Heritage Oasis Trail and explore the old town of AlUla. If you are an art enthusiast, AlUla has so much to offer, it is the perfect choice. Colorful and unique art waits for you to discover it in the Al-Jadidah Art District, where you will also find the world's largest mirror building, the Maraya Concert Hall which you cannot miss.
A visit to the archaeological sites during your stay in AlUla should be a must on your itinerary. These include the rock art and tombs of Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008 and one of the most spectacular prehistoric sites. Hegra once served as the capital of the Nabatean Empire and is a symbol of the preserved art of rock reliefs that can be traced all the way back to the Nabateans.
The landscape has so much to offer, including the Elephant Rock, which is a rock formation in the middle of the desert. This will give you a very special picture motif at sunset that can hardly be found, so make sure to take full advantage of it.
On at least one evening you should not miss the chance to participate in a professional stargazing. Listen to the stories of your guide while you gaze into the sparkling starry sky over the desert landscape.
Another experience thoroughly worth experiencing is a day trip to Wadi Disah. This is a breathtaking gorge surrounded by sandy bluffs and lush oases. Are you an adventure spirit? Embark on a little outdoor adventure and explore this natural wonder while climbing or mountain biking. The region is also known for its numerous waterfalls and natural pools that are absolutely breathtaking, where you can be sure you will be taking amazing photos that will last you a lifetime.

Kingdom Centre Tower in Riad

Day 9 - 10


Your trip will end in the beautiful and vibrant Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. A visit to the Diriyah Historic Center will immerse you deeper into the history and culture of Saudi Arabia.
Take your time to go for a walk around the city and admire the impressive architecture of Riyadh's Royal Palace and explore the surrounding gardens.
Another to-do on your list should be visiting the colorful souks in Riyadh. Get swept away by the capital's versatility and enjoy your last days on this Saudi Arabia round trip.