A view of the desert and the elephant canyon by sunrise

From Jeddah to Al'Ula

Saudi Arabia Roundtrip | Duration: from 8 days

Best time to travel
September - May
Flight time
6 hrs from FRA or ZRH
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An aerial view over the city of Jedda by night

Day 1

Welcome to Jeddah

Welcome to Jeddah. You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel.

An aerial shot of a old building in Jeddah

Day 2


Today you will go on a journey through time - on a city tour you will get a fascinating insight into Jeddah's long and cosmopolitan past. Besides, you will also get the opportunity to see today's most famous sights of the city. A walk on the beach completes the first part of the Jeddah sightseeing tour. After the short walk you will continue with the tour of the historical city of Al Balad, which was founded as early as in the 7th century. Marvel at the city's buildings, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Day 3

Madinah and AlUla

Madina is located about 4 hours away from Jeddah. After a walk through Madinah, the tour continues to Mount Uhud - the highest mountain in Medina and site of the Battle of Uhud in 625. Climb a small hill from which you have a view of the surrounding area. At the end of your stay in Madinah you will visit two important mosques for the city before continuing to AlUla.

AccommodationHabitas AlUla
A view of the desert and the elephant canyon by sunrise

Day 4 - 5


During your days in AlUla you will get to know the region and its history better. You will visit important historical places, such as Madain Saleh, Elephant Rock, which was formed by wind and water, or the city of Dadan and the nearby archaeological sites.

AccommodationHabitas AlUla
A shot from the ground looking through the grass on the canyons

Day 6 - 7

Dissah and Tabuk

Today you will drive towards Tabuk. You will explore the village and then start into the Wadi Al Dissa - a 15km long canyon that runs through the mountain massif Jebel Qaraqir. The next day you will get to know the region around Madian - or as it is called today Al Bad. The region is still considered an insider tip; but even here you can find the stone carved funerary monuments similar to Petra, Jordan. Afterwards, you will take a tour of one of Saudi Arabia's magical natural wonders that amazes visitors. This incredible natural wonder of Tabuk province is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, just 15 km north of the coastal town of Maqna. As you approach the road that runs along the turquoise waters and white beaches of the Gulf of Aqaba, the first thing you notice is the imposing shape of the 600-meter granite massif of Tayeb Al-Ism, whose sharp edges drop into the Gulf of Aqaba. On the other side of the mountain, facing the water, a narrow canyon reveals itself. A wooden bridge spans the cliffs, allowing pedestrians to venture deeper into the mountain. From the bridge, visitors to Tayeb Ism will see another wonder, a small stream with crystal clear water. Here you will have the opportunity to see the sunset in this beautiful valley before continuing the journey to Tabuk.